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Women of God | Touch the Sky

January 30, 2017

I am humbled by God’s goodness as He shares with me the joys of sisterhood and authentic friendships that praise Him in all seasons of life and provide my heart the love that it so dearly desires. This series, Women of God, highlights the stories of women in my life who are experiencing God in the daily moments and continually giving Him the glory and the praise. This project is one of heavenly inspiration and I give it to Him. I hope that you experience peace and joy as you read their stories and feel the hug of Christ’s arms around your heart as you more deeply encounter His Great Love for you.

This past year has been monumental for me. It involved quitting my job, leaving all my friends and starting graduate school in the span of three days. It was nuts. The process of getting where I am right now has been quite the journey of wrestling with doubt, insecurity, and trusting God.

This journey began one summer when I worked at camp, and had the opportunity of working with some kids with Autism. I loved working with these kids so much that I switched majors to Occupational Therapy. I felt like I finally found a career I was passionate about! Through tons of hard work and determination I finished all the prerequisites I needed for the program. All I needed to do was apply! However, the journey was just getting started. I knew that graduate school was supposed to be hard but I had no idea it was nearly impossible to get in.

The process of applying nearly killed me and I voluntarily did it three times. Three years of slaving over the perfect personal statement and acquiring observation hours only to receive rejection letters and silence. I laugh now, considering my application must have been so bad that the school didn’t even bother to respond. It was extremely humbling.

All the rejection made me kind of a control freak with God. I was spiritually clenching my fist so tightly around this dream that it choked out any chance of trusting God. I would pray to God to make this dream happen, claiming that I trusted him. When I was just taking it on myself. When application round three came around I nearly quit applying altogether.

At this time I was working full time and realized that this is something that is up to God. I was fine. I distinctly remember going on a run, listening to Touch the Sky by Hillsong. The words, “I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground” really spoke to me. In that moment I prayed, “Okay God, you got this one. I will let you take this dream, because I cannot do this on my own”. Soon after, I submitted my application to 11 schools and then waited for eight more months…

It was a long wait. After six months I began to give up and I was strangely okay with it. I thought the door had closed and I started to look at other options and creating Plan B.

Right when I surrendered God showed up.

One June evening, I was in the middle of moving out of my house and dropping the last load off at Goodwill. I noticed I received several missed calls from the same unknown number. I finally called them back to find out, that a spot opened up at my dream school and it was waiting for me, all I had to do was say yes.

God answered my prayers bigger than I ever imagined. Even after getting into graduate school, God provided housing and friends! He truly is a good father who knows exactly what we need.

To God be the Glory.

Rachel is a graduate student at St. Scholastica studying Occupational Therapy. She seeks God in all things, especially the great outdoors. 

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