Women of God

Women of God | Beauty in Our Poverty

March 17, 2017

This is the 4th piece in the series, Women of God, and I’m so amazed how God is working through this and in this! All praise & glory goes to Him! Gizzy is a dear friend of mine and someone who helped shape my faith at the beginning of college and who inspired me to truly delve more deeply into what it means to have a relationship with God and to understand the deep love of God the Father. She inspires me with her own devotion and love for the Lord through a personal relationship with Him and her continual witness to the faith! She’s a beautiful woman who truly radiates the joy of Christ and His Love. It’s a gift to be able to call her my friend and to share in life together! Sisterhood in Christ is the best, ya’ll. 

Okay, so lent has begun and each one of us is discovering once again how easy it is to fall on our faces, unless of course you are one of those people who decides to give up that thing you never do anyway.


Just kidding.  

But really, I’ve been thinking, (scary, right?) that Lent should be a channel through which we come to a deeper understanding of our poverty before God. It is a time God gives us to test us, challenge us and help us see the fallenness our humanity. We glimpse into those places where our hearts have disordered affections, or where our wills just simply don’t have the strength to do what we really want. Lent gives us the opportunity to see our true and honest self. Our self which is fallen, which isn’t perfect, which endeavors toward great things but often with mixed motives. The beauty of Lent is that we get to see this true self, and despite all of our imperfections, our twists in logic, or our actions from weakness, God just simply loves us. He runs toward us with arms of affection.  He comes to us and embraces us, despite all the ways we don’t “measure up”.  He gazes down on us, and I think that He often can’t help but chuckle.  I mean, it’s like watching a kid. Sometimes they just do the funniest and craziest things.

I keep thinking about the Ash Wednesday mass that I attended. The church was packed, eyes were attentively listening to the priest’ s wise words of advice, hearts were moving toward grace and light, and two brothers were motivated without hindrance toward accomplishing the task of fitting their ENTIRE fists into their mouths. I just couldn’t help but laugh, and it still makes me laugh, and I think that more often than not God gazes at us with this same amusement.

We are his children. We do crazy things, we do stupid things, we mess up, we get dirty, we cry, and our Father is happy to be with us.

He is happy to be with us.

Just drink that in. As I continue through this Lenten journey, I think of the various tasks I must accomplish in my day to day, my responsibilities, my work, and to be honest I’m in a time of waiting on the Lord. There are so many things in life that are so much bigger than me, and I need God. I am waiting to see the fruit of His action and I believe it will come through, but I have a feeling God is teaching me patience. No farmer sees his crop flourish overnight, and once the seeds have been planted the farmer has to step back and simply trust God with the elements.  At a certain point there is nothing else to do but simply speak, Jesus, I trust in You.  

So, I return to this point of poverty. I am so small, I am just a little kid, but I have a big Father.  I have a good Father. I have a Father whose love is unconditional and whose love can always be counted on, and with this I can move forward. I can have the courage to see myself as I really am, to see just how little I am, how imperfect I am, and despite all these things I rejoice.

This Lent I encourage you to take a step back and see yourself from God’s eyes. See all the ways you don’t hit the mark. Be honest with yourself and in that honesty do we truly get to see His unconditional love.  

Gizzy Miko is the youth minister at St. Joseph’s in Lino Lakes, MN and a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville with her B.A. in Theology. She loves the Lord & the great outdoors and her favorite praise & worship song is Love Never Fails.

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