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Lit List | October 2016

October 25, 2016

Happy October, readers!

Well, it’s certainly been awhile since I posted on my blog, so it’s about time that I start writing again! With grad school, I have random pockets of time, so I’m trying to use it wisely by reading books that aren’t always related to quantitative research or public opinion (glam, I know). Here are a few of my favorite October reads…

  • I Loved Jesus in the Night: Teresa of Calcutta – A Secret Revealed, Paul Murray
    • This book offers beautiful insight into St. Teresa of Calcutta’s faith journey and her experience of the Dark Night of the Soul (la noche oscura) throughout her life in serving the poorest of the poor. Paul Murray does an excellent job of sharing anecdotes and encounters with St. Teresa and living out her “call within a call”. It’s a short read, but there are so many great snippets of content and insight into such a holy woman and her joy in serving the Lord. It truly points to a faith life that is not directed and moved by emotion, but by faith and hope, regardless of feelings. I think that this is so critical in our culture today when we are often told to do things based on our feelings and what “makes us happy” and can find such short-lived experiences lacking in a deeper understanding and reality of peace & joy that truly permeates our entire being and the inner workings of our soul that God alone offers all of us. St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!

  • Girlfriends and Other Saints: Companions on My Journey of Faith, Teresa Tomeo
    • Okay, who doesn’t love a saucy Jersey woman writing about her faith journey and the adventures she’s had with the saints? This book is a wonderful read and great reminder about the saints and offers a tangible way to think about the saints as our friends and not lofty ideals of perfection that we will never meet and can never aspire to attain. Teresa Tomeo reorients the reader’s way of thinking about the saints and the power of intercessory prayer. These holy companions have their own stories and experiences that we can relate to, find comfort in and be inspired by – not intimidated by and feeling overwhelmed about the concept of sainthood. This book was a great read for me to better understand the saints as friends and to be reminded that they are, in fact, human and not just meant for paintings and statues. These are real men and women who struggled, experienced trials and found joy in daily living and in the Lord. What a beautiful reminder and delivered with some righteous sass by the author!

  • On the Other Side of Fear: How I Found Peace, Hallie Lord
    • THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. This is the book that you need to read and reread and highlight and hold tightly to your heart to remember that you are never alone in your fears or struggles and that there is always hope and always joy – but we can’t do it alone and we aren’t meant to experience our crosses alone. Hallie Lord shares her own experiences and walking the reader through important reminders and concrete ways in which we can experience God amidst trials and to be able to accept ourselves and the very essence of who we are – without shame or fear. It’s a wonderful read and should be at the top of everyone’s reading list – I can’t recommend this book enough! One of my favorite quotes from her book: I’m starting to think insane people are God’s favorite kind of people. Can I get an, Amen?!

With PSL in hand, cheers to happy reading!

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